Be Sane—Clean That Drain!

Your home’s drains are like heart arteries. No one pays any attention to them until they are blocked. A blocked drain is a sudden emergency often preceded by long history of unintentional abuse. Think of those potato peels and other vegetable trimmings that eluded the sink strainer. How much hair has accumulated in the shower drain over months or years? As this material builds up, it stresses the piping to the point of failure and introduces health issues. The smart way for the home or business owner to avoid these dangerous conditions is to have drains cleaned regularly.

Regular drain cleaning improves the overall effectiveness of your plumbing system by removing hair, grease and soap deposits and other organic wastes that lurk in the plumbing. Undisturbed, they cause eventual erosion of pipe quality and the likelihood of failure leading to an emergency. Periodic cleanings open the way to smooth wastewater flow that substantially reduces the possibility of pipe failure.

Periodic maintenance improves system longevity and reduces chances of problems occurring. It makes sense that unstressed pipes and joints can last years longer than those suffering from the increased water pressure that clogging causes. So the unclogging that is part of regularly scheduled drain cleaning means longer life for your plumbing system.

Chemical deposits ringing your drainpipes cause corrosion and eventual leaks. Routine cleaning gouges away the corrosive matter and stops leaks before they even start. That means longer life for your existing pipes and an escape from the considerable expense of drain re-piping part of your entire home or business location.

Occasionally, draining system blockages do not originate within the building, but from the intrusion of roots into the drainage pipe as it runs down to the municipal sewer pipe or toward a septic tank. First, these roots interfere with wastewater flow. In time, they can completely block that flow. Eventually, the roots work their way into the pipe material and crumble it. That means the pipes must be replaced.Periodic drain cleaning snips away the ends of intrusive roots before they get a foothold, thereby saving the homeowner or businessperson from expensive full replacement and adding years to drain life.

If you understandhow regular drain cleaning may help to extend the life of your pipes, you know you not acting means taking a risk with your plumbing’s health. For more information on drain cleaning in Santa Cruz, visit this website.


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